The Glen Ferris Inn

US Route 60,
 Glen Ferris, WV 25090

T:  1-304-632-1111

F:  1-304-632-1502



Mountainside and riverside rooms are generally available, but call ahead to ensure availability.  Prices quoted here are subject to change and do not include any taxes.



Standard Rooms

The Inn has twelve standard rooms, each independently styled in traditional West Virginia décor.   

Pricing:  $60-$70


Deluxe Rooms

Three luxury rooms are available.  Each room has special amenities suited for particular situations.  All luxury rooms are larger than standard rooms.  Some rooms are doubles while other rooms are singles.  These rooms are unique and provide added comfort compared to standard rooms. 

Pricing:  $75



We are pleased to provide three suites.  Each suite has a separate living/lounging area and multiple bedrooms.  One suite is particularly suited for entertaining or business.

Pricing:  $100-$130


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